Sahaja Yoga Center in Nashik - Kala Pratisthan, Vaitarna

Shri P. K. Salve Kala Pratishthan, an academy of Indian Classical Music and Fine Arts

Ever since the acceptance and appreciation of the Sahaja musical group Nirmal Sangeet Sarita, particularly by Western Sahaja Yogis, it was Shri Mataji's desire to start a music school whose aim would be to preserve and perpetuate the traditional values of Indian classical music, as well as teach and spread them all over the world, beyond India's boundaries. This had been the dream of Shri Mataji's father, honorable Mr. P. K. Salve, one of the foremost fighters for India's independence, eminent lawyer and connoisseur of Indian classical music. H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi established Shri P. K. Salve Kala Pratishthan, an academy of Indian Classical Music and Fine Arts, at Vaitarna & inaugurated in 2002.   Vaitarna, surrounded by Dams and Lakes in the vicinity of scenic greenery, is about 100 kms from Mumbai and about 80 kms from Nashik off National Highway 3 (Mumbai Agra Highway), and accessible from Khardi Railway Station (25kms) of the Central Railways. The Institution is situated within an area of 40 acres of land comprising of streams, undulations and natural landscape. Modak Sagar and Tansa Dams are in the vicinity with a thick reserved forest cover. The buildings have been architecturally planned under the instructions of Shri Mataji, with a central courtyard and a covered stage. The land is in a very picturesque setting and is full of vibrations, which are conducive to meditation and to the creation of music which is in tune with the Spirit.

Just sitting down in that place you find yourself in meditation! The vibrations help not only in the creative process but also in transporting the residents into realms of meditation and spirituality. Some of them have said that the more time they spend in this special environment and atmosphere, the deeper their seeking and transformation becomes. Classrooms are well lighted, ventilated with a commonly constructed ten foot wide corridor. Large Halls provide for Dance and Drama, while 5 large classrooms can accommodate 20 students in each classroom along with their instruments. A big dining Hall with a kitchen is also constructed separately. Gents quarters are separately constructed with double occupancy in each room. Research on Pre-intervention assessment : Status of Children before and after initiating Sahaja Yoga Meditation

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