History has witnessed many incarnations one after another-in different parts of the world. They brought Religions with them. However, the religion, which was intended to civilize humanity, and inculcate love and unity, instead tended to compartmentalize, divide the religion. Each religion was great in its own way. But, each religion started claiming that they had their Unique God. How can anybody have a different God for Hindus, Christians or the Islam? How can there be four Gods? There can be only one Creator for the whole humanity. Hence, there can be only one religion and only one GOD.

Our Holy Mother brought forth this vision, that all human beings are the children of one Almighty God. Shri Mataji says the world needs to be transformed and elevated from this divided world to     
the higher level of existence, where there will be a single religion "Vishwa Nirmala Dharma" (the religion based only on humanity) which will combine all the highest expressions of the great religion of the past with a more comprehensive scientific understanding of the underlying forces of life.

This is a Religion that starts with Self-Realization and is based on Divine love, which is spread all over... in every creation, in every country and in the whole world ...and everyone can feel it through Self-Realization. A religion, which is based on love, joy, unity, collectivity, morale, ethics, and purity, which will lead to a healthy, integrated and balanced life and a balanced Society in turn. There will be no fight, no disturbances in the name of religion. Every person will be equal irrespective of caste, religion, language, rich or poor, because Kundalini (The reflection of God) resides in every human and everyone has the potential to awaken his/her Kundalini by the Grace of SHRI MATAJI.

Her vision is to make the world where human beings would live in harmony and peace, both with themselves and with nature. To fulfill this vision She is granting enmass spontaneous Self-Realization, through which one can know absolute truth and absolute peace. In Shri Mataji own words " My vision is that: This world at least should have forty percent people who are Realized souls and who are practicing Sahaja Yoga, who are giving Realization to people and trying to change the world".

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