The subtle system represented below is also called the tree of life in many other spiritual traditions. It is closely linked to our nervous system, which it keeps in balance, and after Realisation, it actually enables us to feel the state of our energy channels and our chakras. Indeed, we can detect the subtle system functioning within us due to the presence of a cool breeze, a prickling sensation or sometimes heat on particular parts of our hands or on top of our heads. A cool breeze felt equally on the fingers and the palms of both hands indicates that our inner being is balanced and in good condition. As the subtle system is the cause and the support of our nervous system, it acts at every level of our being, spiritually to begin with, then physically, mentally and emotionally. Once this mechanism is awakened and gradually mastered by practicing Sahaja Yoga, it becomes a marvelous instrument in developing the personality, allowing us to integrate consciously and of our own free will, the Creation from which we came.

The Subtle System

The Nervous System

Here are the different parts of our subtle system:

  • The 3 energy channels
  • The 7 chakras
  • The Kundalini

The Kundalini within us resides in the triangular Sacrum bone situated at the base of the spine. Once this extraordinary energy is awakened, it rises up along the spine inside the spinal chord, and passes through all the chakras in our subtle system before opening the "Sahasrara", the last centre on top of our heads. This is how we achieve Yoga or Union with the Spirit within us and thus we become one with the omnipresent power of God.

Front view of Sacrum bone

Side view of Sacrum bone

The Spirit is the reflection of Almighty God, whereas the Kundalini is the reflection of the power of His Desire within us. She is the Primordial Mother, known as the Adi Shakti in the Indian tradition and the Holy Ghost in the Christian tradition. By crossing the fontanelle bone (the little fountain) on top of our heads, the Kundalini actualizes Self Realisation, our second birth or baptism. When that happens, we are distinctly aware of a cool breeze on the palms of our hands and on top of our heads. This is the very same wind of the Holy Ghost that Christ's disciples felt at Pentecost. Before this experience, the Kundalini is dormant, and so only virtual. Once it is awakened and Self Realisation is established in us, it enables the breath of God to become reality.

The Greeks referred to this energy as "Pneuma", Islam speaks of "Rûh", and Christ called it "The Holy Spirit". In Jewish mysticism it was known as "Shekkina" and long time before that, the Sumerians worshipped the Mother Goddess Inanna, who gives spiritual birth and the sacred breath. Several thousands of years ago, "Chaitanya" and "the Self", translated as "Divine Vibrations" in Sahaja Yoga, were already alluded to in India. Therefore, the knowledge of the existence of these vibrations is not something new; it has merely been lost or distorted over the ages.

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