It was a dream conceived by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, in the year 2002, when she laid the groundwork for the Sahaja NGO- Vishwa Nirmala Prem Ashram – Home for Destitute Women and Orphan Children, to construct a second building for Health Centre on the same site.

In one of her speeches Shri Mataji said: “Later the Health Centre shall support the NGO!”
Soon after on 14.Nov. 2008, Shri Mataji along with 3000 Sahaja yogis laid the foundation stone for this esteemed mission.

This divine work was accomplished on 31. Nov. 2010 and Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi inaugurated the SAHAJA YOGA HEALTH & RESEARCH CENTRE at Greater Noida.

In March 2011, this Health Centre was successfully opened for the Sahaja Yogis And we are happy to declare that in the first half of the year we had around: 2,012 total patients with 332 IPD patients and 1680 OPD patients

With the first floor ready we can accommodate approximately around 40 Sahaja yogis. The upper floor with kitchen and basement has to be completed. Our treatment room for OPD (outdoor patients) and rooms for IPD (Indoor patients) are ready to be utilized.
The huge meditation hall and the whole health center are vibrated from the curtains from Shri Mataji’s residence, in Palam Vihar. The inmates from the NGO join the evening meditation and fill the house with the sound of their reverberating bhajan’s.
The breakfast for the patients gets served on the huge veranda and the other meals are served in the dining-hall of the NGO. The canteen at the health center will start functioning once the work is finished.
The building is situated in the midst of a huge green garden with flowering bushes, fruit plants and trees; the entrance has a big pavilion and a fountain.

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