• Physical Aspect :Digestion
  • Qualities : Principle of mastery (Guru Principle), balanced life, stability
  • Causes of Catch :False gurus/ knowledge, fantasy, fanaticism, black magic
  • Diseases : Habits, laziness, gross attachments

The Void, the Ocean of Illusion (Bhavsagara) surrounds the 2nd and 3rd chakras: the Swadisthana and Nabhi chakras. When the Kundalini is awakened the ten valencies (The Ten Commandments) are awakened within. The religion becomes innate, and our whole priorities change. For, the religion in Sahaja Yoga is the ultimate of every religion of any form. It is not limited to one religion, but has the best of all religions. All real religions are leading to one aim, to one goal. That goal is to achieve Self knowledge through our second birth.

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