Sahaja Yoga Regional Seminar & Shri Ganesh Puja - 2018

Shree Shree Ganesh puja Seminar At Northeast region Guwahati, Assam
14,15 & 16 SeptembER,2018

Jai Shree Mataji

By the Devine blessings of our Supreme Incarnation Shri Adi-Shakti Mataji, we the Northeast Collectivity are going to organise three days Seminar & Shree Ganesh Puja on 14th, 15th & 16th September 2018 at GUWAHATI, ASSAM

In this regard, All Sahaja Yogi Brothers & Sisters are cordially & whole heartedly invited to participate & attend the Shree Ganesh Puja Seminar, where your glorious presence will certainly extend the Devine vibration of Pure Love, to allow us an opportunity to share valuable experience, feeling and thoughts collectively towards the path of our higher Spiritual ASCENT

With Nirmal Love to all

Mrs Madhumita Mukherjee,
Trustee, North East Region
Satyajit Roy ,
Seminar Convenor
State Co-ordinator Northeast Region




In Sahaja Yoga the most important thing is to worship Shri Ganesha within you, and the quality of Shri Ganesha within you. It’s very soothing, it’s very peace-giving, it’s very secure – security-creating power.  If your Ganesha is all right nobody can touch you, nobody can destroy you, nobody can upset you, because He is the one who is the giver of peace.  The world peace is disturbed because we have not worshipped Shri Ganesha.  I’ve seen people in very big positions, in charge of military, in charge of that, in charge – not in charge of themselves. Their Ganesha is absolutely ruined and finished.

All such people, are such leaders of nations, and people try to follow them in their own way.  Though they may do something secretly, doesn’t matter; people know about it.  Because in auspiciousness if you are losing, then the whole world comes to know, somehow. It will all be exposed, because Satya Yuga has come. In this new Yuga there’s light of the truth within us, and this truth can expose all that is nonsensical we have been doing.

Shri Ganesha Puja, “Ekakarita”, Cabella Ligure, 5 September, 1998

Venue : Karmabir Nabinchandra Bordoloi Indoor Stadium, Sarusajoi Sports Complex, Guwahati, Assam.  The Stadium is situated beside the National Highway NH 37.



VENUE    : Sarusajai Sports Complex, Guwahati
START    : 14 Sept (Friday) Spot Registration, Inauguration of Seminer, Afternoon Sessions
Havan at 4:30 PM
Evening: Cultural programme
PROGRAM  : 15 Sept (Saturday) Morning Meditation Forenoon & Afternoon Sessions
Evening: Cultural programme
Puja        : 16 Sept (Sunday) Morning Meditation
Shri Ganesh Puja at 10 AM
CLOSE    : 16 Sept (Sunday) After Puja & Mahaprasad. Sahaji can depart for their destination.



Date Adults
Yuva Shakti
(Non working)
(above 12yrs To 25 yrs.)
(From 6 yrs. To 12 yrs.)
Up to 31th August 2018 1500 Rs.1200 Rs.800
AT Puja Site 1600 Rs.1300 Rs.900



Deposited through any of the CBS branches of:
Bank Name: Axis Bank, Maligaon
Account No: 918010065779546
IFSC Code: UTIB0001669

Hence, it is requested to Deposit the Seminar Expense through NEFT or RTGS or through Core Banking System (CBS).



  1. All are requested to send complete information of participants in the format as per Annexure 1 (Attached) and mail at the following Email ID: (a) (b)
  2. For Seminar Amount deposited in groups, Badges will be handed over to Group Leader at one time only.
  3. All Sahaja Yogis/Yoginis are requested to kindly send their Seminar Amount on or before 15th August 2018   so that proper arrangements can be made at Seminar and Puja site.
  4. No Puja money needs to be paid for children below six years of age.
  5. Sahaja Yogis/Yoginis are requested to bring their own bed sheets and Air pillow.  Mattresses will be provided at Seminar site.
  6. For Hotel Accommodation, prior intimation should reach on or before 31st July 2018.



  • Guwahati is well connected through Roadways, Railway and Air.
  • Puja site: Sarusajai Sports Complex, Guwahati.
  • Distance of Puja Site from various points are mentioned below:
    • From Airport – 27.2 Km
    • From Kamakhya Station – 15.8 Km
    • From Guwahati Station – 13.3 Km
    • From ISBT – 4.6 Km
  • A reception point shall be made at Kamakhya Station, Guwahati Station and ISBT, Guwahati.



For Registration:

Shri  Debashis Sarkar  - 9435308214 -
Shri  Deepak Das Gupta - 9577676611
Shri Saibal Sen        - 9706123712 -

General Contact No.:

Satyajit Roy           - 9706340627  -
O P Sengupta         - 9085083479
Pratul Sarma          - 9435104562
Mriganka Sarma     - 9126824812   -
Kalyan Das             - 9957550824   -
Dilip Todi                - 9434026930
Amit Shew             - 9163792099

For Hotel Accommodations:

Gautam Bhowmick   - 7002618544
Mukut Mani Das        - 9854072414
Arti Bhagat                - 9706168803
Soma Sen                  - 7896275633
Satyajit Roy               - 9706340627    -
Debashis Sarkar        - 9435308214    -

For Transporation:

Kalyan Das               - 9957550824    -
Indra Rai                   - 9435546181
Jayanta Bhowmick   - 8638530958

Mrs. Madhumita Mukherjee, (Trustee)
Mob: +91 9830232361

Mr. Satyajit Roy
Seminar Convener
(North East State Coordinator)
Mob: +919706340627 / 9957556404


From Airport to Sarusajai Sports Complex, Guwahati:-


From Kamakhya Railway Station to Sarusajai Sports Complex, Guwahati:


From Guwahati Railway Station to Sarusajai Sports Complex, Guwahati:


From ISBT to Sarusajai Sports Complex, Guwahati :-



Guwahati Geography and Climate
Guwahati is the gateway of Northeast Region and comes under the Kamrup Metro district. Dispur, the capital of Assam, is located in Guwahati. It is situated between the southern bank of the Brahmaputra River and the foothills of the Shillong plateau and it is again expanded to North Guwahati.

The climate of Guwahati remains moderate. During summer the temperature remains between 20 to 32 degrees Celsius whereas in winter the temperature ranges between 10 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Culture of Guwahati

Guwahati is the main centre of cultural activities in Assam. Guwahati can be seen engulfed in music and dance, festivals, art and craft and so on. The important festivals celebrated in Guwahati are Bihu, Brahmaputra Beach Festival, Ambubachi Mela,New Year, Durga Puja, Holi and Diwali and many others. Among these Bihu is the most important festival celebrated in Guwahati.


Ward's Lake, Shillong Overview

A pretty artificial lake surrounded by gardens is an ideal evening get away! Also known as the Polok Lake, it is usually flocked by couples, picnickers and locals.

Boating and fountain dancing are big activities of this place. The complex also has a cafeteria and a Botanical Garden. the lake is located beneath the Governor's residence.

Elephant Falls, Shillong Overview

Named after an Elephant like stone at its foot, the Elephant Falls are amongst the most popular falls in the North-East, situated next to Shillong. It is a tourists' paradise with three layers of the falls accessible to the layman from different vantage points. The Britishers named this fall so owing to the presence of an elephant-shaped rock on one side of the fall. However, the stone disintegrated and was washed away due to an earthquake in 1897. At Elephant Falls one can get very close to the falls and enjoy its serenity and might. This is also a superb place for spending some time in the midst of nature while capturing the incredible moments for your keepsake.

Umiam Lake, Shillong Overview

Umiam Lake, a mesmerizing man-made reservoir, is located at a distance of 15 kilometers north of Shillong which is the capital of the north-eastern Indian state of Meghalaya. The lake was formed after a dam was constructed to generate hydroelectric power. The serene lake or the reservoir is surrounded by thick coniferous forests and expands over an area of about 222 square kilometers. The area of this lake is four times the size of San Marino or Bermuda. It is encircled by lush green East Khasi hills that form one of the best panoramic sights for nature-lovers in the country. The picturesque location and the serene beauty of the lake attract tourists from all over the world. The sunrises are a treat to the eyes and shouldn't be missed.

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