Sahaja Marriages – 17th November 2018 (During DIWALI PUJA (International Puja Cum Seminar) at Kolhapur (Maharashtra) From (16th November to 18th November 2018)

All Trustees
State Coordinators
City Coordinators
NCR Region
Sister Institutions

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

By the Grace and Blessings of our Divine Mother arrangements are being made to solemnize
Sahaja Marriages during (Diwali Puja) on 17 th November 2018, at Kolhapur which is being
organized by Maharashtra and Kolhapur Collectivity.

Kolhapur is the historical city of Maharashtra and is located in the Western Ghats mountain range,
a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also renowned for its scenic beauty and wildlife, nurtured
with nature’s generous bounties. Kolhapur is famous for many tourist attractions. There is the
Temple of Shri Adi Guru Datta Treya near Kolhapur visited by Our Divine Mother.

Moreover Kolhapur is famous for Shri Mahalakshmi temple as well. At both the places
Puja of Shri Mataji were performed Diwali is auspicious occasion and good time to organize

Marriage application form includes Sahaja marriage application form and Coordinator
verification form (2) Pages & declaration form (1) Page. The declaration form should be sent on
Rs. 50/- non judicial stamp paper.

Following points may be noted by State / City / Centre Coordinators for their action and for
informing the applicants:-

A. The application form & Coordinator verification form (2) Pages and declaration form 1 Page
must be submitted duly filled in completely, which can also be downloaded from our website: effective from 14th August 2018.

B. Please make sure that applicant is practicing Sahaja Yoga for at least 2 years and
regularly attending Centre and participating in all Sahaja Yoga programmes / activities in
and around the Centre / City.
All City Coordinators should inform about the importance of
Sahaja Marriage and also quote the example of various successful Sahaja Marriages in this area.
This will encourage Yuva Shakti Boys and their parents to apply for Sahaja Marriage.

C. A short note on Sahaja Marriages - Background and Fundamental Principles is also enclosed
to proper guidance and counseling of the applicant and his family. The C i t yCoordinator should ensure that Bio Data form is complete in every respect and has true and
complete information. Further application forms of boys earning below Rs. 15,000/- per month
and undergraduates may not be forwarded.

D. The State / City Coordinators must personally satisfy themselves before certifying and
signing the Bio Data form that the information furnished is correct, true and complete and
has been filled by the applicant and to duly signed by parent / guardian of the applicant
and is counter signed by the State Coordinator.

E. Confidential Part of the application form at Page-2 must be filled in by the City
Coordinator giving his/her recommendation and counter signed by the State

F. The Declaration Form I-2 should be signed by the applicant. It should be on Rs. 50/- non
judicial stamp paper. Coordinators should ensure that it is properly signed.

G. One set of each application form duly signed should be retained by the State / City
Coordinator for reference.

H. The State / City Coordinator is requested to ensure that proper announcement is made
at all Centres providing above
information and the last date of its submission.

I. The application duly filled in completely, must be submitted by the specified due date. The
Coordinators should discourage the late submission of the forms.

J. For any query following persons can be contacted:-


  1. Mr. H.P.Chowdhary(M): 09818685218
  2. Mrs. Sunita Srivastava (M): 09873787407
  3. Mr. Ganesh Ahire (M): 08980455800

You can also mail your query at:

K. Married couples desiring their re-marriage as per Sahaja Protocols can also apply on
plain papers giving their details along with the copy of their Marriage Certificate directly
or through his City Coordinator.

L. Indian as well as foreign Yogis and Yogins who were matched earlier and could not be
married can also apply for marriage in this Ceremony by giving their details along with the copy
of communication received by them fixing the match.

M. All matched couples are required to bring two (2) passport size photographs, photocopy of
their ID’s and address proof along with its original for verification.

The registration fee for couples willing to be married / remarried will be Rs. 42,000(INR)
(Rs.21, 000/- each for Sahaja Yogi and Yoginis).This must be paid when the couple present themselves for Registration of their marriage at the
marriage site / location. The fee is towards Bride and Grooms apparel / gifts and for various
arrangements and decor for solemnizing the marriage.

O. The application forms along with Self Declaration form completely filled up, should be sent
by all Sub – Centres to the respective City Coordinator by 5 th September 2018, and the City
Coordinator should arrange to forward the same to their State Coordinators by 15 th September
and the State Coordinator shall forward the same to National Trust office by 3 0 th
September 2018. Forms received late / incomplete may not be processed. Further, a clear and
readable scanned copy of the application form with a colour photograph can also be sent at
(original form must be sent at the given address)

P. In case of the spot Marriage, Registration, documents needed are as under:

i) Birth Certificate issued/certified by the Municipal Corporation of the place of birth.

ii) ID proof such as preferably Aadhar Card/Driving License/Passport/PAN Card and address

iii) Two copies of passport size photographs and item no (ii) & (iii) for witnesses.

iv) Two witnesses for verifying item at (ii) & (iii) above.

Q. All foreign Sahaja Yogis / Yoginis (applicants) interested in their marriage at Kolhapur can
also apply using the marriage application form which was circulated on the Occasion of Shri
Ganesh Puja – 2018 at Cabella and as per instruction contained therein. Copy of the same
is also available at our National website:

Best Wishes and Respects,

Chairman Marriage Committee,
H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga Trust,
C-17, Qutab Institutional Area (Top Floor),
New Delhi – 110016
Phone: 011 – 26534769 / 46064125


  1. Sahaja Marriages Background & Fundamental Principles– (3) Pages.
  2. Application Forms (2) pages
  3. Declaration Form by the candidate –1 page


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