Birthday Puja 2018 (Chhindwara) and India Tour 2018

All Country Leaders

Dear Brother and Sisters from the whole World,

Jai Shri Mataji

It is with immense joy that the Indian collective would like to invite all our Sahaj brothers and sisters from around the world to the 95thBirthday Puja of our Beloved Mother, Shri Adi Shakti Mata Ji Nirmala Devi in Chhindwara, India.

In the year 1923 on 21st March at 12 noon, The Adi Shakti, our most beloved Divine Mother incarnated in Chhindwara in Central India. The touch of Her Holy Lotus Feet, vibrated the soil of Chhindwara from where vibrations are constantly being emitted. It was in Her endless compassion that Mother spread Her Grace through Her Divine vibrations here in Chhindwara, for Her children to bathe in Her love, be nourished and grow up to be strong yogis and find the truth. The vibrations can be experienced by us in the Birth Place (shrine) or Linga Ashram where Mother stayed in 2008. This Holy land now calls you to celebrate the 95th Birthday of The Adi Shakti.

 With Her Divine Grace, the Indian collectivity, invites you all to join us at Chhindwara (near Nagpur) in Madhya Pradesh, for celebrating this Great event. The celebration will enhance the divine vibrations and help to guide us and lead all the seekers in Sahaja to the ultimate Truth.

As you know, our Mother took Her birth in Chhindwara on the 21st of March at 12 noon in the year 1923. The house in which She was born and spent the early years of Her life, has been renovated with utmost care so as to preserve the tiles on which She walked bare feet, and the walls She touched with her hands as a child.
Shri Mataji visited Her renovated house in 2008 and was pleased to see it as well as the photo of Herself as a baby that is hanging in the room of Her birth. We would like to invite the international collective to visit and meditate in this Holy house on the occasion of Her 95th Birthday.

After the Puja, which will be held on the 21st of March 2018, a tour of Public programs, programs in schools, concerts, conferences, processions and media/press interviews will take place that will see the participations of many yogis from all over the world, united to give to Shri Mataji the Birthday gift She always desired the most: to see all Her children giving realization.

All brothers and sisters in India are very excited and happy to be able to have the chance to host Sahaja Yogis from abroad. We hope that this will establish strong bonds between us that can prepare the ground for long term relations between Sahaja Yogis of different countries.

Sahaja Yoga in India is already well recognized and accepted by Indians, but we know that by uniting our forces with the whole world we can have the involvement of many more Sahaja Yogis in this Tour, and it will develop into a strong force for spreading Shri Mataji’s message of Love and Peace. Details of India Tour 2018 checklist and timelines is given at (Annexure-I).

This tour that will start from Chhindwara and the Foreign Sahaja Yogis will be divided into groups for Tour as mentioned in (Annexure-II).

The priority now is to know how many people and how many collectives will come, so we kindly request you to register here to the Puja/Tour in this link:

A brief write up about Birth place and Ashram at Linga is given at (Annexure-III).

It is with immense joy that we have the great honour to invite all Sahaja yogis from the world to celebrate Birthday Puja in Chhindawara that will take place from 19 to 21 March 2018 and India Tour 2018.

With Love and Regards,

Dinesh Rai
Vice Chairman
H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga Trust,
C-17, Qutab Institutional Area (Top Floor)
New Delhi-110016


  1.  Annexure-I
  2.  Annexure-II
  3.  Annexure-III

India Tour 2018
Details and Timelines

  • Global Collectives desire to be a part of Self Realization tour in India and to attend Birthday Puja 2018 at Chhindwara.
  • Puja dates 19 th to 21 st March 2018 at Chhindwara and India Tour dates 22 nd to 29 th March 2018.
  • The nearest airport to Chhindwara is Nagpur (International Airport) which is about 2 hours drive from Chhindwara. Nagpur is well connected by Air with all the important cities of India and with some International cities. Nagpur is well connected by Rail network within India.
  • The first list (rough estimate) on number of SY is needed by 10 th Dec 2017 giving high level details on number of SY expected and from which country.
  • The names of key people from Global collective who shall be coordinating and sharing the information to be provided by 30 th Nov 2017.
  • The names of Coordination Committee Members India Tour 2018 from Indian side shall be shared by 30 th Nov 2017.
  • The list with details of SY needed by Dec 20 th 2017 which should ideally have the following details


Sl.No Name Gender Age Country Arrival Date Arrival Airport Departure Date Departure Airport Musician/ SY Speaker/ Participant/ Doctor Language compatibility English/ Hindi/ Others
1. Nicola Male 28 Italy 18/03/2018 Nagpur 30/03/2018 Mumbai Speaker & Musician English, Italian


  • The final list of SY needed from nominated key people from Global Collective by 10 th Jan 2018 and it shall be informed in case any further information is needed.
  • Keeping ease of handling, health and safety, logistical support, food, accommodation, expenses and related factors in perspective the following could be the flow in which we propose to organize tour.
    • The number of cities / towns that would be the base towns where SY would be accommodated shall be limited to suggested tours shown in Annexure-II
    • Currently the following cities / towns are being considered. Pune, Chhindwara, Nargol, Jaipur, Delhi/ Gurgaon, Noida/Greater Noida, Haridwar, Meerut, Hyderabad, Kerala etc. Tours are indicated in Annexure-II (visiting foreign Sahaja Yogis should give their 3 preferences to Tours & efforts will be made to accommodate their request).
    • The allocation of foreign collective among various cities shall be worked out by the Coordination Committee India and list finalized by 15 th January 2018.
    • Accordingly foreign SY could book their international flights and domestic flights/ trains by 15 th Jan 2018 or earlier.
    • Arrival airports for India ideally are Nagpur, Pune , Mumbai and Delhi to conveniently reach Birthday Puja 2018 destination of Chhindwara. For coming to Chhindwara, Nagpur is the nearest airport and then there is 2 hours road journey.
    • For the Self Realization tour, Indian collective shall try and organize as many musical events, public realization programs, schools & college programs as possible, the details for which shall be worked out in coming months.
    • Efforts shall be made in a manner that day realization events and tours get organized so that the city/ town allocated does not change as far as overnight stay is concerned.
    • However we understand that there may be some SY who would be open and interested to visit different cities and areas, the feasibility of which would need to detailed further by the respective coordination committees.
    • At the local level teams would be structured to handle needs in the areas of Logistics, accommodation, food, medical needs, music, SY programs, safety & security, etc.
    • Media (print & electronic) could be handled both centrally and locally under certain guidelines.
    • Estimated expenses would be shared once the number of foreign SY and the details of the entire tour are finalized. Efforts shall be to keep this at minimal. However it can be up to 200 Euros for the Tour (22 nd – 29 th March 2018). Air tickets for Tour destinations will have to be purchased by the individual Sahaja Yogi himself.

Timelines in Brief:

1(a). Names of Key peoples from Global Collective - 30 th Nov 2017
1(b). Names of Coordination Committee India Tour 2018 - 30 th Nov 2017
2. Rough estimate of Sahaja Yogis visiting India Country wise - 10 th Dec 2017
3. List of Sahaja Yogis with personal details, tour plan & preference of tour as indicated in Annexure-II - 20 th Dec 2017
4. Final List along with India Tour details from respective Countries - 10 th Jan 2018
5. Publication of Final List along with Tours by the Coordination Committee India Tour 2018 - 15 th Jan 2018


India Tour 2018

India Tour 2018 by Foreign SAHAJAYOGIS
Proposal From
H H Shri Mataji Nirmaladevi Sahajayoga Trust, India

We welcome our Sahaja Yogis brothers and sisters from abroad for the India Tour 2018 for spreading mass realization in various cities of India. The Tour will be started from 22 nd March 2018 immediately after Birthday Puja, Chhindwara.

The team can be distributed and can fly to various destinations from Nagpur airport which is just 2 hrs drive from Chhindwara.

Tour Period – 22 March 2018 to 29 March 2018
Tour No-1 – Chhindwara and Nagpur area – can accommodate up to 200 Sahaja Yogis
Tour No-2 – Pune, Nashik and adjoining areas – can accommodate up to 150 Sahaja Yogis
Tour No-3 – Nargol and adjoining areas – can accommodate 150 – 200 Sahaja Yogis
Tour No-4 – Greater Noida, Noida and Meerut – can accommodate 100 – 200 Sahaja Yogis
Tour No-5 – Jaipur and adjoining areas – can accommodate up to 100 Sahaja YogisTour No-6 – Hyderabad and adjoining areas – can accommodate up to 50 Sahaja Yogis
Tour No-7 – Kerala and Tamil Nadu - can accommodate up to 50 Sahaja Yogis
Tour No-8 – Tour to Pratisthan Pune, Nargol and Nirmal Dham


  1. The details of the Tour will be decided by the State Coordinators in consultation with the Trustees and local Sahaja Yogis.
  2. If the Sahaja Yogis coming from abroad are more, new Tours will be proposed.


Birth Place and Ashram at Chhindwara

Sahaja Yoga World Ashram (Chhindwara)
Shri Matajis Birth Place (Shrine)

With the blessings of Shri Mataji, the entire land and the structure at the Holy birth place of our most Holy Mother Shri Mataji at Chhindwara, M.P., India was acquired by the H.H.SHRI MATAJI NIRMALA DEVI SAHAJA YOGA TRUST, India, on 14 th July 2005. At the time of purchase, the building required massive repair and restoration. It was ensured that wherever possible existing building was restored. Where replacement was necessary, similar material and products were used. Renovation work at the ‘Shrine’ is now complete and the building is restored to its original beauty. Today the Shrine undoubtedly is the best building at Chhindwara.

Besides the stupendous renovation task blended with necessary restoration aesthetics in the Holy Shrine, the Holy birthplace of Shri Mataji, the sanctum sanctorum, a huge meditation hall adjacent to the Shrine has also been constructed within the same premises.

The meditation hall provides spacious basement, ground floor and mezzanine floor. It can accommodate about 500 yogis at a time of meditate. The hall is bedecked with exquisite Rajasthan pink stone work at its exterior and majestic serene interior. The sanctum sanctorum as well as the meditation hall received its blessings by our most Holy Mother Shri Mataji during the 85 th Birthday Puja Celebrations 2008.

The Trust has also acquired another 35 acres of land at Linga, (10 kilometer/6.5 miles from Chhindwara on Nagpur – Chhindwara road) to build an ‘International Sahaja Yoga Ashram’. It is situated on a hilly terrain adjoining a dam and a reservoir surrounded by sprawling scenic beauty. The Ashram at Linga was named as ‘Shiv Parvat’ by Shri Mataji. The International Sahaja Yoga Ashram was blessed by the Holy Feet of Shri Mataji in March 2008 during the 85 th Birthday Puja Celebrations held at Chhindwara. Shri Mataji resided in ‘Nirmalasthan’ a cottage built for Her. The majestic campus accentuates one’s seeking spiritual ascent by providing adequate tranquility, peaceful and meditative environment with lot of greenery.

A Big Meditation Pandal (Shed) has been constructed which can accommodate 5000 Sahaja Yogis. The Ashram has good facilities for Sahaja Yogis to stay in Linga.

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