Her Holiness Shri Mataji says in her own words...
"To cure patients is very simple. If a tree is sick and if you try to cure the leaves, then it will not work. If you become subtle and cure the roots, then it will work out. If we can get to the roots, then we nurture their centers and achieve the balance that would make every thing so wonderful, through the connection with the energy called 'kundalini' .

Latest Scientific experiments prove that regular Sahaja Yoga meditation can prevent various physical and mental disorders  e.g.: hypertension, angina, heart attack, bronchial asthma, epilepsy, aplastic anemia and hemiplegia, leukemia, cancer, diabetes, spondylites, depression, anxiety and neurosis and migraine.

All the problems of the human beings are because of their chakras. Some how if you can cure these chakras or put them right, all our problems can be solved.

Asthma has been cured through Sahaja Yoga very easily. All liver patients are getting rid of diseases through the regular meditation. Mainly diabetes is caused due to too much thinking. Sahaja yoga helps diabetics patients to achieve the balance.

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