Inauguration ceremony at ‘Nirmal Van’ in Nargol, Gujarat, India- a Holy Pilgrimage for the Sahaja Yogis

On Monday the 2nd March 2009, the Nargol village situated in the State of Gujarat, India witnessed yet another historical event where our most Holy Mother Shri Mataji meditated 39 years ago to open the last Chakra of the Universe. The forest land surrounding the holy place has finally been declared and inaugurated as “Nirmal Van” in an official ceremonial function hosted formally by the representatives on behalf of the Indian Government along with the State administrative functionaries and the Nargol jurisdiction authorities.

Nargol is a small village situated adjacent to the beach (Arabian Sea) area about sixteen kilometres (approximately 10 miles) away from Sanjan town in southern part of Gujarat in India. Despite its proximity to the sea, the area has a quite a variety of trees among which the casuarinas (called as Saru in local dialects) thieve in abundance. Geographically Nargol is situated at a very close proximity to the State of Maharashtra. Tracing the imprints of ancient history Nargol had been an active port in the past and is believed that the Parses community landed here over a thousand years ago to settle in and around Nargol, Sanjan and other adjoining neighborhood areas.

In the history of Sahaja Yoga, it was in the evening of the 4th of May, 1970 that H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi decided to sit in meditation under a Saru (casuarinas) tree at this place of Nargol and in the early dawn of 5th of May 1970, She experienced the opening of the Sahasrara of the Universe. Shri Mataji has described about that splendor, grandeur and Divine happening in Her earlier messages to the world at several occasions in past.

Subsequent to the happening of this Divine event at Nargol in 1970, the place had been blessed to celebrate at least two very auspicious occasions in Her Holy presence of Shri Mataji. In March 1972 Shri Mataji visited Nargol for a day. Later celebrating the completion of 25 years of Sahaja Yoga activity an international Diwali Puja was offered at Her Holy Feet in Her Holy presence of Shri Mataji in October 1995 (amidst 2500 yogis from India and 100 from abroad). Since 1995, Sahaja Yogis have been blessed to perform regular Sahasrara Puja and Havans in Her Nirakar Form at Nargol.

A special project for Nargol was undertaken by the collective efforts of yogis to transform this holy place to be another Sahaja pilgrimage in line with other ongoing Sahaja projects. Thus by the blessings of Shri Mataji in March 2003, the Life Eternal Trust Gujarat, was entrusted to negotiate a deal with concerned authorities to acquire the land. A few years ago a concrete wall boundary around the Holy ‘Saru Tree’ (casuarinas) was constructed to protect the ‘Nirmal Briksh’ (‘Nirmal Tree’) from external calamities.

Finally in month of February 2009 the Gujarat State yogis along with the India Sahaja Yoga Trust were able to negotiate a deal with the National and Regional Forest departments, the local authorities and Indian Administrative offices at Delhi. However, negotiations to acquire this particular land adjoining the historical saru tree failed as the land belonged to and formed an integral part of the State reserve forest. But, as the Divinity worked out, the concerned authorities agreed to protect the demanded land by declaring it as part of the Eco-zone under the Nargol, JFMC (South Valsad Forest Division of Gujarat State) for promotion of environmental awareness, ecotourism and peace project. Interestingly the function unveiling the official plaque of declaration was inaugurated by the Secretary to the Government of India, Ministry of MSME, Mr. Dinesh Rai, IAS, who also happens to be the Joint Vice chairman of H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga Trust. This function was a State declaration in presence of the Sarpanch of Nargol jurisdiction, Mr. Yetin Bhandari.

Thus on 2nd March 2009, in a restricted gathering the local villagers, the Sarpanch of Nargol village, DFO, RFO and approximately 50 Sahaja Yogi from various parts of Gujarat State celebrated the proceedings of the official function hosted by the Government functionaries. There was also an official ‘plant sapling’ ceremony that followed. The chosen plant saplings were vibrated a day before by Shri Mataji at Pratishthan, Pune. The saplings were mostly of Bael (Aegle marmelos), Ashoka (Saraca indica L.) and Peepal (Ficus religiosa). All of these species grow as high rise trees and possess unique spiritual significance along with several medical (Ayurvedic) and herbal values. Typically they are associated with incarnations and deities like Shri Shiva, Shri Rama, Shri Buddha, Shri Mahavira, Shri Sita and Shri Hanumana and therefore traditionally these trees are revered and worshipped in Oriental world.

The memorandum of understanding signed by the concerned authorities also declares that around three acres of land adjoining the site of the "Nirmal Tree" may be utilized and developed as meditation zone for the Sahaja Yogis in due course. However, efforts are on and negotiation is in progress to acquire a possible plot in the vicinity to this particular site for establishing Sahaja Yoga foundations at Nargol. It is our collective interest; desire and prayer at Her Holy Feet that may Shri Mataji bless us to build yet another beautiful Sahaja Yoga Ashram at this most holy place on Earth where the Sahasrara of the universe was opened.

Here are a few excerpts from Her earlier lectures revealing to the world of the most majestic, magnificent, grandeur Divine experience of Shri Mataji in Her own words.

Jai Shri Mataji

Excerpts from lectures of H.H. Shri Mataji’s revelation on opening of the Sahasrara to the world

I saw the Primordial Kundalini rising like a big furnace
“As soon as Sahasrara was opened the whole atmosphere was filled with tremendous chaitanya and there was tremendous light in the sky and the whole thing came on this earth as if a torrential rain or a waterfall. It’s such a tremendous force as if I was unaware and got stupefied. The happening was so unexpected and so tremendous that I was stunned and I became completely silent at its grandeur.

I saw the primordial Kundalini rising like a big furnace, and the furnace was very silent but burning up here as it had, as if you heat up some metal and it has many colors, in the same way the Kundalini showed up like a huge furnace, say, of a, I can say, of a furnace which is like a tunnel. You see, these plants you have for coal burning to create electricity, and it stretched like a telescope one after another it came out tchu, tchu, tchu – like that it came out and the deities came and sat on their seats, on their golden seats and then they lifted the whole of the head like a big dome and opened it, and then this torrential rain completely drenched Me and I started seeing all that and got lost into the joy. I was like an artist seeing its own creation fulfilled; I felt the joy of great fulfillment.

After coming out of that beautiful experience I looked around and I saw human beings so blind and I became absolutely silent. Then I desired that I should get the cups to fill this nectar, but I saw all stones. Sahasrara is the most beautiful part of your being. It is a big lotus with one thousand petals of different colors appearing like inflated flames. It is a thing which is seen by many people, but to see it pour that torrential rain was like these flames becoming a fountain – fountain of colors and of fragrance. Can you think of a flower pouring its color and its fragrance around?”
(H.H. Shri Mataji, Sahasrara Puja, Paris, France, May 5, 1982)
…the Sahasrara was opened out
“Today it's a great day for us, for all the Sahaja Yogis that on this day, I would say we are late by one day or two days, the Sahasrara was opened out. It was just a miracle I should say because I didn't think that I am at a point where it could be done. So I wanted to wait but some things happened that made Me think that it has to be open. It was in such a situation that I felt if I delayed any more now, it may help these false gurus to spread their nonsense all over. This is just I should say, is a Sahaj way of doing things.”
(H.H. Shri Mataji, Sahasrara Puja, Cabella, Italy, May 7, 1995)
1970, 5th May, in the morning time, of course it had some, also some events which made Me hurry up to do it

“First I thought I have come little early, I should have waited slightly more, would have been better, because here the people hate everyone, and every individual is against another individual, and they are cheating each other and they are also very jealous of each other and also want to have higher positions and this and that. Or others, they want to pull everybody’s legs. So maybe that it’s not yet time for Sahaja Yoga to start. But then I saw all these horrible false gurus also throwing their own charms on people, and trying to control them. That made Me really, really think that now I better stop worrying as to what the atmosphere is, worrying as to what sort of people there are – let’s start. And that’s how the first Brahmarandra Chhedan took place in India at 5th May. And 1970, 5th May, in the morning time, of course it had some, also some events which made Me hurry up to do it. I was quite ready, I knew what was the problem of human beings is, but I thought that, maybe, they may never accept that they can get their Self-realization.”
(H.H. Shri Mataji, Adi Shakti Puja, Cabella, Italy, June 6, 1993)

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