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Sahaja Yoga Regional Shree Shivratri Puja-2017 & Seminar from 17th February to 19th February 2017, at Chandrapur, Maharashtra.
One has to understand the powers of Shri Mahadeva. It is not very easy to describe about this great God in a few words. But the . Dec 21, 2016
SahajaYoga Regional Seminar & Mahashivaratri Puja on 25th & 26th of February 2017 at, KBEES Durbar Hall, Kodungallur,Thrissur, Kerala
“JAI SHRI MATAJI”The seat of Sadashiva is on top of your head; but He’s reflected in your heart. Now, your . Dec 17, 2016
Sahaja Tour Package at Chhindwara
Jai Shri Mataji  Please find enclosed the Brochure for ‘Sahaja Tour Package at Chhindwara”.   . Nov 14, 2016

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